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Matterport for Travel & Hospitality


From vacation rentals, to hotels and event spaces, you can elevate the promotion of  your business with 3D virtual tours that increase bookings, drive higher occupancy,  and increase engagement rates.

The Matterport Advantage

A 3D virtual tour enables your guests to walk through your property as if they were there, going far beyond photographs and videos,  helping your property stand out from the competition with an immersive experience.


Engage your customers with online experiences and tours  of your property on their terms. Viewers are shown to  be 3 times more engaged with a Matterport 3D virtual tour than they are with 2D imagery, leading to more booking conversions.



Digital Twins help owners increase bookings up to 12% and drive up to 3 times more web engagement. Let potential clients experience your property online using 3D 
virtual walk throughs.



Strengthen customer confidence in the booking experience by providing the most immersive, informational, and accurate representation of your property. Use MatterTags, floor plans, and other features to add meaningful attributes as they digitally walk through your space.



Enrich guest experiences and drive more positive reviews and interest in your location. Matterport 3D tours can boost web engagement by up to 15%.


Create the best booking experience with a 3D virtual tour. With Matterport, your guests know what they are seeingonline is actually how a space will look in real life. 

By providing the most realistic representation possible, guests feel more confident and more likely to book. 

  • Embed your 3D space on your website 

  • Increase web engagement by as much as 3 times 

  • Increase conversion to bookings by as much as 14% 

  • Increase your net promoter score with immersive online 

  • experiences that build familiarity and trust with your customers. 


Case Studies

Vacasa is North America’s leading vacation rental management platform. It provides a comprehensive service to homeowners by handling marketing, booking, cleaning, maintenance, and guest support. It operates in over 400 of the most sought-after vacation destinations in North America, Costa Rica, and Belize.

Since adopting Matterport in 2015, Vacasa has digitized over 64million square feet of vacation home rentals. Now, nearly 90% of its property listings feature a Matterport digital twin.


  • Improved differentiation among its properties and from competition

  • Listings with Matterport 3D tour browsed 3x longer

  • Nearly 12% increase in rental bookings*

  • More tailored guest services

  • Reduced marketing costs

* Booking conversion data reflects the time period between September 2019 and September 2021.

“Technology is at the core of our business, partnering with Matterport was a simple and cost-effective way to set ourselves apart and provide a superior and seamless booking experience for guests as our business matured”

Caleb Donegan, Vice President of Digital


Since it opened more than 40 years ago, RPM Pizza, the largest Domino’s pizza franchise in the U.S. has focused on getting the ideal pie into customers’ hands.

RPM’s drive toward greater speed and efficiency isn’t limited to pizza-making. The ease of capturing the store interiors and creating scans with Matterport reduces the time to initiate projects by 50 percent. It also reduces the load on the small team handling maintenance and projects for 175 RPM stores.


  • Improved food prep efficiency with renovated store layouts

  • Streamlined design and remodel of stores, reducing time from 

  • one year to 6 months

  • Cut time to initiate projects in half

  • Virtual collaboration and review enable staff to take on 

  • more projects

"With Matterport, we have an easy-to-use,accurate 3D technology to help design and implement store upgrades that translate to better, faster customer service. We can take on more complex renovations with one simple goal, to “sell more pizza and have more fun!”

Nate Lee, Facilities Manager


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