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Matterport for Public Sector


Matterport is the leading spatial data company focused on digitizing and indexing the built world. Turn buildings into immersive 3D experiences with usable data to accelerate collaboration and productivity, and expand engagement and reach. 

The Matterport Advantage

With Matterport, public sector professionals can quickly and easily scan a location, turning it into an interactive digital twin with powerful data to enable:

  • Facility visibility and remote/interactive access

  • Dimensionally-accurate measurements

  • Space conjuration and planning

  • Facility life-cycle operations and maintenance


Federal agencies rely on accurate data for simulated training, engineering and construction, facility management and multiple other mission objectives. Matterport is secured and managed to U.S.Federal Agency compliance standards.


International Government

Since 2011, Matterport has been a trusted global provider of spatial data solutions. Discover why more International agencies are saving time, money and resources with digital twins from Matterport.

  • Virtual and simulated training

  • Automated/virtual inventory and audit

  • Emergency planning and preparedness

  • Warehousing inventory and enhanced supply chain management


State/Local Education (SLED)

From virtual tours to safety preparedness, Matterport digital twins are available anytime, anywhere. An ideal solution for facilities including public safety, K-12 schools, colleges and universities, public health and welfare, energy and agriculture. 


Our models do more.

Matterport’s digital twins are photorealistic, dimensionally-accurate, and feature-rich virtual versions of facilities and spaces. From inventory/audit, simulated training, engineering & construction, facility O&M, a single model can immediately support multiple mission objectives

Integrated, results-based outcomes
From hardware, professional services, and an industry-leading SaaS offering, we deliver a tailorable, end-to-end solution engineered to achieve faster and better outcomes for our customers.

Deep hardware expertise
Capture/camera devices are the “pace car” for most of the subsequent solution variables and capabilities. As a leading hardware manufacturer, our understanding extends from the inside-out providing our customer the best solution configuration (and recommendations) for their specific challenges and objectives.

Global professional “Capture Services”
Global Professional capture of a space not only saves time and money (avoiding rescans) but also maximizes how the same scan can be leveraged over time by various stakeholders.

Security & compliance
We go well beyond “commercial-grade” security. OurSOC2 Type II documented security posture is based on zero-trust policy. Additionally, we are currently the only digital twin provider 
actively pursuing FedRAMP certification and compliance for our government agency customers.

Truly intelligent AI
We provide true computervision—including object detection/identification, image-based search, auto room labeling, auto face blurring (for privacy protection), and other advanced capabilities for a single model or simultaneously for all of the models in a customer portfolio.

More than a decade of data
Since 2011, Matterport has leveraged over 20 billion square feet of facilities and spaces with our 3D spatial data software. This accumulated digital context has advanced our Cortex AI deep 
learning neural network to provide higher quality reconstruction, advanced image processing and on-the-fly ‘preview’ of works in progress.

Easy-to-use SaaS with more features & functionality
Our solution is the most intuitive and capable spatial data digital twin platform for facilities and spaces in the industry-period. Annotations, collaborations, AR/VR viewing modes, digital measurements, storytelling and guided tours, schematic floor plans, BIM exports, anywhere/anytime/any device accessibility and more—are all available with our base SaaS offering.


Ready to use our service ? Let's discuss your project today!

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