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Matterport for Commercial Real Estate


Explore an online world of possibilities with Matterport digital twin technology—the comprehensive way to design, build, promote and manage your most valuable assets anytime, anywhere.

The Matterport Advantage

Matterport’s AI-based enterprise platform allows your partners, employees and customers to learn, connect, contribute and engage with your spaces whenever and wherever is most convenient. No site visits required.


Decrease physical site visits and reduce workflow friction for greater cost savings and efficiencies throughout a building’s lifecycle.



Gain deeper insights into every space from flow to use to repair, for increased savings and productivity and improved asset management.



Reduce costs and increase transparency by collaborating remotely on every aspect of a build from marketing to planning and design- from anywhere in the world.



Mitigate risk with more accurate risk assessments and streamline maintenance and building inspections. 


Digital twins are the key to fulfilling the demand for spaces that are:

  • More efficient and engaging

  • Sustainable

  • Available anytime, anywhere

  • Cost-effective

With ever evolving customer demands, digital twins can help you stay ahead of the curve with advanced capabilities, including interactive virtual walk-throughs and cutting-edge tools to optimize your spaces at every stage of their lifecycle. And with the expansion of Matterport Capture Services, we can quickly digitize your portfolio of properties for you—anywhere in the world—so you don’t have to invest in hardware or employee training.

By integrating Matterport digital twin technology into your Commercial Real Estate operations, you can turn a challenging market into a competitive advantage. 


Case Studies


Colliers International
Buyers and sellers in 68 countries trust Colliers International to make the right connections, whether they’re a potential tenant looking to lease a commercial space, a developer or building owner wanting to sell, or an investor adding to their property portfolio. Colliers chose Matterport Capture Services to create immersive 3D tours of properties, allowing clients to explore what’s for sale or lease without the costs and uncertainty of travel or even having to book an appointment.


  • Increased buyer interest

  • 50 percent decrease in physical site visits

  • Faster time to contract

“Matterport enables us to bring dynamic 3D spaces to our clients so they come away with a good feel of how it maps to their needs. It’s helped move deals forward and also saves us time by eliminating options that clearly aren’t a match.”

Chris Irwin, Colliers Senior Vice President


Arup is a global powerhouse in architecture and design, with offices in more than 30 countries. Known for its innovation, the firm has helped set the trends for building a better world since 1946. The firm’s documentation and building information modeling (BIM) approaches have evolved and in 2017, the firm began using Matterport 3D models to more quickly and efficiently document asbuilt environments and construction progression. With Matterport, Arup is making BIM smarter, importing point clouds for design and validation in modeling software.


  • Improved project initiation timeline

  • Easy online ordering with Matterport BIM Files service

  • Enabled earlier, more inspiration client engagement

With the fast ordering convenience of Matterport BIM Files, we can simplify our collective initial kickoff steps, from early engagement of internal team members to streamlined briefings for stakeholders. These benefits enable us to provide more responsive client service.”

Michael Alder, Regional Reality Capture Leader


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