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Matterport for Manufacturing


Matterport increases the value and operational efficiency of every space while decreasing the associated operational costs.

The Matterport Advantage

With Matterport’s cloud-based spatial data platform, you can capture your building in photorealistic and dimensionally-accurate 3D, allowing you to increase ROI 
and reduce the costs of managing your facility’s design and ongoing maintenance.
A Matterport digital twin gives immersive access to critical building intelligence, which enables faster and easier collaboration, increased productivity, added efficiencies in workflow, and overall cost reduction.

Process Engineering

Share efficiencies easily between plants and duplicate processes. Save time, gain accuracy, improve quality, and streamline workflow.


Remote Service Management

Manage risk, hazard, fraud, and incident or accident documentation by using Matterport to create complete schematic floor plans, plan emergency routes, and response strategies.


Virtual Training

Enable and train employees using a 3D walkthrough of your facility prior to being in a liable environment to increase overall EHS scores.


Turn every problem into an opportunity to improve.

Perform Tasks

Ensure standard work and identify deviations


Tap into collective knowledge


Escalate, assign, and manage issues


Best practices and solutions to problems


Skills, certifications, and compliance

Case Studies


JFC & Associates helps clients improve their situational awareness, business processes, and costs of maintenance and operational activities related to their physical assets. John Connell, CEO at JFC & Associates, founded the company in 2001 and has built its reputation as an agile, innovative consulting and solutions provider for enterprise asset management (EAM). 
With expertise in EAM software, the company recently advanced its position on the leading edge via a new partnership with Matterport. Using Matterport digital twins comprising photorealistic, 3D models of a structure and the equipment within, JFC is poised to help its clients reap the benefits of greater asset visibility, control, and automation.


  • Enables greater asset visibility in immersive 3D for better 

  • situational awareness

  • Drives efficiency by streamlining control and integrating 

  • automation 

  • Supports higher asset uptimes and lifetimes

  • Improves regulatory compliance

“The person responsible for a space can understand what’s happening there by looking at it with high definition, 3D visuals. They can recognize what assets are present and plan their work better because they can see how everything is situated. That means they can bring the right people and tools when they go there.”.

John Connell, CEO


Northumbrian Water maintains a vast number of clean and wastewater assets and their associated processes. For new assets following the digital construction (BIM) route, Northumbrian creates 3D designs using Autodesk Revit. This approach allows data and information to be associated with the 3D model within the asset management environment, meaning the user can use either the graphic or text to interact with the asset management system. Northumbrian collaborated with Sitedesk, a company specializing in 3D visualization and management of digital building information, to integrate Matterport scans into the Maximo system using the Matterport 3D Showcase SDK. Matterport coupled with Sitedesk allows the visualization and linking of the assets, which offers the efficiency and effectiveness Northumbrian requires.

  • Accelerates initial project startup phase 

  • Provides easier and more efficient management of legacy assets 

  • Integrates 3D scans into a 2D legacy platform 

  • Reduces number of site visits

“Linking the information held within the asset management system to a high-resolution image allows a much better understanding of the geospatial context. It will allow for more planning of activities—for example, projects and maintenance.”

Mike Overy, BIM Manager


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